Re-Opening Wednesday 6th May 2020 10:00am

Moveison Re-Opening Wednesday 6th May 2020 10:00am

Further to discussions with official organisations we are delighted to announce we are able to re-open  our business from Wednesday 6thMay 2020 at 10-00am. Our trading hours in the short term:

Monday to Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday 10:00am to 1:30pm

Sunday Closed


We will review these opening hours as trading levels start tore-establish.


As you are aware we trade in Chinicato on the EN125, within the same location we have 3 showrooms which have the following measurements:

Upper Showroom 1: 127sq metres

Upper Showroom 2 : 97 sq. metres

Lower Showroom 3: 270 sq metres


Each of these showrooms can be accessed by its own entrance as well as exited.


It is our intention to open the upper two showrooms from 6thMay and keep closed the lower showroom to the public until 18th May2020, when the space constraints are planned to go up to 400sq metres maximum. We have been advised that this falls within the guidelines laid out last week by the authorities.


We will have hand sanitizer and face masks available at the entrance to our showrooms and will not allow anyone to enter our premises without a facemask as per current guidelines. We will also not allow more than 5 clients to be in the showrooms at any one time and ask all clients to respect the 2 metre distance rule.


In the areas where we complete sales with clients we will clean these down along with any transaction machines after every visit or use.


We have completed a deep clean of our showroom and back areas thoroughly prior to allowing clients to enter thus minimizing health risks.



Take Care,

Moveison Team