4 Seasons Siesta Premium Parasol 3x3m - Grey

Ref: 08648

The Siesta Premium parasol is the most versatile parasol and provides years of garden fun on your terrace.
This versatile gliding parasol has a solid aluminum frame, available in anthracite powder coating. There are various functionalities to provide shade on your patio at the desired location with the greatest of ease. Siesta Premium free-hanging parasol has an extra tilting function, is easily rotatable 360º by a pedal, with a simple rotary knob you can tilt the parasol towards the frame. By turning the handle, you can also swing this parasol both ways, the parasol can be easily opened and closed.
In addition to these ingenious functions, we use high-quality, weather-resistant materials. The Solefin parasol fabric provides optimum protection against UV rays and stays beautiful for a long time. A rain shower is no problem for this parasol fabric. However, we advise you to close the parasol when not in use and to use a protective cover.
Place your parasol on 125kg granite base or opt for an inground base.

Base available to be ordered separately.

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