Weber Charcoal BBQ Performer GBS Ø57cm - Black

Ref: 15301053

Performer® GBS® 57cm offers the best of charcoal barbecue, includes all the features of a charcoal Weber® BBQ but integrated into a sturdy and functional cart table.
Ideal for outdoor parties or cooking for the family!

As with all Weber® BBQ's, the vat and lid are all in porcelain enameled steel to ensure protection against fire and rust. Made to last, which is why Weber® reliably offer a 10-year warranty on them.
In addition to a weatherproof handle with protective heat shield the lid also contains an integrated thermometer and a rust-proof aluminum vent to control the temperature and the perfect barbecue airflow.
Performer® GBS® 57cm comes equipped with a convenient and convenient cover holder. Includes the advanced One-Touch® stainless steel cleaning system and removable rust-proof ash sink to make cleaning and maintaining the BBQ even easier, more efficient and avoiding mess. Comes with the Gourmet BBQ System® grill. The tabletop is foldable, handy for limited storage spaces, the sturdy cart offers three convenient tool holders on the front and a stainless steel shelf accessible at the bottom adding storage space for charcoal and accessories.
To facilitate portability, the Performer® GBS® 57cm has two large wheels and two locking wheels at the opposite end.
Included with Performer® GBS® 57cm is a measuring cup of charcoal that will help keep the amount of briquettes used consistently and temperature controlled, which means perfectly cooked food!
The BBQ Weber® Performer® GBS® 57cm is fantastic for everyone, especially for those who want to take their outdoor kitchen apart from burgers and sausages.

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525 €
Weber Charcoal BBQ Performer GBS Ø57cm - Black
Weber Charcoal BBQ Performer GBS Ø57cm - Black