Weber Charcoal BBQ Summit 60cm GBS - Black

Ref: 18201004

The Summit Coal BBQ covers all of the Kettle, Performer ™ and smokers. You can then prepare delicious smoked dishes as well as quick cooking specialties such as ribs or steaks on the grill.
 Comes with lid and double wall vat for ideal insulation, vent valve on lid for complete temperature control, articulated planar diffuser to divert heat away from food, as well as perfect preparation of cakes, pies, bread and smoked dishes. The hinged lid also facilitates the opening and closing, while the aluminum coating optimizes the insulation and reflects the heat inside. Thanks to the Snap-Jet ™ gas ignition system, the ignition is quick and easy, while the One-Touch ™ cleaning system makes removal of ash easier. Features 60cm GBS ™ stainless steel grille and thermometer integrated into the lid.

"Weber's intention to produce an innovative and unprecedented barbecue is fully materialized with the Summit Charcoal Grill."

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2099 €