Tareo TiiPii Deluxe Poolside Bed 1.8m

Ref: DELUXE-180

The TiiPii Deluxe Poolside bed is made of Sunbrella, refined synthetic material that feels characteristically similar to that of a sun lounger.
It is the "Elite" TiiPii, perfect for outdoor use, next to the pool, balcony or on the beach.
Although it can be machine washed in cold water, given the nature of the Sunbrella acrylic fabric, it can also be simply wiped over to clean.
The Deluxe Poolside is able to withstand atmospheric elements all year round.

Base: 1.8m diameter
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 8kg
Load capacity: 250kg

o 250kgs capacity (up to 3-5 adults)
o Assembled simply by 1-2 people
o Attachable room network included
o Compact in a small 70 cm carrying bag
o Water resistant, anti-mold and anti-UV
o Suitable for outdoor use
o Washable on site with a hose or machine washable
o TiiPii support in stainless steel in Bronze

Poncho cover purchased separately.

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1750 €