Gone are the days when you just made sausages or steaks on the grill. Do you like crunchy pizza, tasty shrimp, Asian wook or even cakes? With this spectacular BBQ you can do this and more.

BBQ Features:
• Powerful GS4 ™ Grill System
• Electronic ignition system - for reliable ignition
• High performance burners
• Flavorizer ™ Bars - Meat juices fall on the bars resulting in smoke that gives the food an irresistible smoky flavor
• Drip system - makes cleaning easier
• Side burner
• Compatible with iGrill ™ 3
• Gourmet ™ BBQ System - cast iron grille with glazed porcelain
• Illumination on handle
• Folding side table
• Ergonomic lid - provides even more comfort when opening and closing, and makes handling more convenient when grilling
• Integrated ignition on each control knob
• Weather resistant wheels with stop function

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