Beefeater 1200E BBQ 4B

Ref: BBG1240BBE

The BeefEater 1200 series is new for 2021!
Imagine this beauty incorporated in your garden. It will open your eyes to a whole new world of outdoor cooking!
The BBQ 1200 impresses with its design and the large window allows you to see what you are cooking without having to open the lid and lose heat.
Cook delicious French fries, rice or a wonderful sauce to accompany your dish, with our powerful built-in side burner
Thermometer built into the lid to better monitor your cooking.
The lid rolls over itself, allowing the grill to be comfortably leaning against the wall.
Fully welded enameled porcelain structure.
Powerful and durable 15MJ cast iron burners.
Stainless steel vaporizers.
Cast iron grill and plate.
Warming Rack.
Quartz ignition system "one press one start"
For quick and easy cleaning, excess oil is removed into a lower drip tray
Built to withstand very high temperatures over time.
Easy and safe to move thanks to the durable, lockable swivel wheels for greater safety.

2 years warranty

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799 €
Beefeater 1200E BBQ 4B
Beefeater 1200E BBQ 4B
Beefeater 1200E BBQ 4B