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Weber Charcoal BBQ Compact Kettle 57cm - Black

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Despite the compact name the Weber Compact still gives a cooking area of Ø47cm on its grill, making it big enough for four adults. The bowl and lid are extremely durable enameled porcelain, has two weather-proof handles, the lid handle has a heat protector to protect the hand. The lid also contains aluminum rust-proof lid openings that, along with the rust-proof vent at the bottom of the bowl, provides the proper airflow for the perfect barbecue. The easy to clean Weber® Compact 47cm has a rust-proof aluminum ash trap. To help make the most of the Weber® Compact 47cm, Weber has produced a wide range of accessories to help extend and simplify the experience of grilling, chimneys, utensils, cleaning brushes, briquettes, thermometers, hamburger presses, cookbooks and much more.