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1 - Scope

This document is intended to describe the processing of personal data collected by Algarfurniture Lda (Trading as Moveison) during the sales process, whether through instore collection, Telephone Customer Support or website and treatment of information for promotional purposes whatever the method of collection.

2 - Principles

Algarfurniture Lda commits to preserve the right to privacy of its customers by creating conditions that ensure the relevance and selection of data collection and to give clients access to amend or withdraw their information within the current legal framework.

3 - Treatment of Data

All customer personal data which appears in our databases were provided directly to Algarfurniture Lda either in person, by telephone or by using forms submitted electronically or on paper, and with his consent for the purposes stated at the time of collection.

4 - Collected Data

Personal data are generally those that allow Algarfurniture Lda management of the ordering process and delivery of goods to the customer's home, their contact details and information necessary to issue legal documents accompanying the goods and validate the commercial transaction. The process of collecting information upon completion of the sale order with our technical sales or at our site www.a href=''> and campaigns that involve the collection of electronic forms filled out on paper or sent by the client or contact by telephone calls received or made by our Service Telephone Customer Support.

5 - Data Transmission

Algarfurniture Lda does not transmit personal data of clients to 3rd parties with the exceptions provided by law and the framework regulated by the National Commission for Data Protection, in order to be utilized by them for purposes other than those listed in the collection process. In the Internet environment, the common data transport between the partner and Algarfurniture Lda is intended solely to facilitate the completion of the application form of payment and no information is recorded in the database of the partner until acceptance by the customer. Algarfurniture Lda can, however, outsource tasks to external entities (transportation services, for example) in order to provide customer service that hired. In these cases it is necessary to share data identification, always with the aim of fulfilling the purpose indicated in the initial collection form.

6 - Customer Rights

a. Right to information Personal data submitted in stores and on the website are treated by Algarfurniture Algarfurniture LDA with registered offices at EN125, Chinicato, Lagos, 8600-334.
b. Right of Access Any questions or clarification or alteration of your personal data held by Algarfurniture Lda and its automatic processing may be addressed to the headquarters of Algarfurniture Lda, at the address indicated in paragraph a), by phone +351 282 798 101, Monday to Friday from 9-00 to 18.00, or using the contact details listed in The information will only be provided after verifying the authenticity of the sender.
c. Right Opposition The customer has the right to oppose the processing of their personal data by Algarfurniture Lda, exercising this right by letter addressed to the headquarters of Algarfurniture Lda, at the address indicated in paragraph a), by phone +351 282 798 101 Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 18.00, or using the contact details listed in

7 - Security and Confidentiality

Algarfurniture Lda protects personal data through limiting access to databases through and not limited to controlling access to the premises to only authorized personnel, control of entering and editing data in back-office and use of information gathered to stop unauthorized logical access.